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DesignTuft Pattern Design

DesignTuft is a Microsoft Windows based application used to create patterns for CES designed control systems. Since DesignTuft can import Windows standard bitmap files, designers have the freedom to utilize almost any graphic design program to create carpet and rug designs.

See User's Manual history section for detailed list of updates.

Features include:

  • Export pattern to diskette in a format ready to run on CES's computerized control systems.
  • Supports 14 machine types:
    • UTPA
    • ICN
    • ICN2
    • SCROLL2
    • SCROLL3
    • HLCS
    • LCL
    • LCL2
    • FRS
    • FRS2
    • SCROLL3S
  • Import / export Windows standard bitmaps.
  • Wizards for creating rug patterns, carpet patterns, and half drop patterns.
  • Easily define complicated patterns with quarter sections, repeats, and mirrors.
  • Creates both tuft file and pattern option file.
  • Create patterns from start or edit images from other sources.
  • View a pattern as it would appear tufted (considering needle gauge and stitch count).
  • Display and edit pattern at different zoom levels.
  • Edit (change) individual tufts in pattern.
  • Define creel sequence for pattern.


  • The demo can be used to design patterns and save them to disk.
  • The only features that are disabled are:
    • Exporting tuft control files.
    • Exporting bitmap files.
  • All other features are fully operational.

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